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What are some everyday grammatical errors we make in Nigeria?

Majority of us are guilty of this. But I think there is nothing to worry about as long as we understand one another.

I was patiently waiting for my turn to use the ATM yesterday morning when a beautiful girl walked up to me to ask if I was the last person on the queue. I answered yes. Then she said okay, that means I am behind your back.

In Nigeria, we are used to saying plate number, when we are suppose to say number plate. Yea, it’s part of us. I say this to. For better understanding.

In Nigeria, we say “take a drop”. Instead of “take a taxi” .

The British call it “ knickers,” the Americans call it “shorts” But in Nigeria, we add the two words together and we call it “ short knicker”

We are used to saying “Reverse back” when it’s just “Reverse”.

I remember telling my younger brother to “crack his brain” when we were little. And my father made me kneel down for hours until I was able to correct myself. It’s “Rack your brain”

We are use to saying “my body is scratching me” when we are meant to say “my body itches” .

“Horn at the car in front” I believe we all make this mistake. It’s “ Honk at the car in front”. Hmm. “Horn” is sweeter to say. Lol.

“Go and on the light” instead of switch on the light.

“they have brought the light” Instead of “power has been restored” who has time for big grammar sef.

As long as I understand you and you understand me, Then no wahala(issues).

You can add yours in the comment section of this post…..Lol.

My name is Chijioke Lewis, I am a Geo-Spatial analyst,Fashion Enthusiast and a Music producer. I write about anything and everything around my world and this is my BLOG!!!

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