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The Different Types Of People in a Cinema Hall

If you are a regular cinema goer than you have probably met with one or more of these groups of people.

The phone pressers: These groups of people always amaze me. So you mean you paid for tickets to watch a movie, entered the cinema hall and when the movie starts, you majestically start to press your phone? It is really not my business, until I start hearing things like ‘please what did she do’, then we’ll have a problem, because, I will ignore you!

The Foodies: No matter how long a movie is, there is always that person or persons who come ready! From ice-cream, to shawarma, to popcorn they usually have them handy. Some even manage to sneak things into the hall from their houses, and just when you think they are done, they pull out something else from the bag!

The sleepers: These ones are the senior colleagues of the phone pressers. Some people can’t just sit through a movie whether the movie is boring or not. If you find your self sitting next to a sleeper and they start to snore, do one of these things: Either laugh loudly close to their ears, or bang the arm rest. Trust me, you are doing both of you a favour.

The Lovebirds: Couples usually go on movie dates as a way of spending time together and bonding. However, these ones always act their own movies in the cinema hall. They focus more on their own private activities rather than the movie. If you pick a sit anywhere near some lovebirds grab ya popcorn and face ya front!

The Commentators: These are the people who take it upon themselves to say out loud what everyone is thinking about the film. Either it’s what they love the most or what they hate the most, these people run commentary throughout the film. They usually make the hall more lively because they are usually hilarious! – that’s if you care for all the comments. If you don’t, then they can be annoying distractions.

These little things are part of the cinema experience and can give you additional stories to tell when talking about a movie. So which one of these people are you? and which ones have you encountered?


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