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How To Make Extra Cash As a Student or Undergraduate in Nigeria Using Jumia

Times are hard for Nigerians especially the low-income earners. Nigerians were recently announced as the most miserable people in the world.

There are so many graduates roaming the streets with little or nothing to do after their youth service. However, even in the midst of this harsh realities, you can make a living for yourself by capitalizing on the benefits of being a vendor on the Jumia platform.

Jumia is unarguably the biggest online retail platform in Nigeria today beating the likes of Konga, Udala and Jiji to their game. Jumia has a lot of platforms but the focused here is the Commodity Sales platform which you can take advantage of.

How do you come in?

You can come in by registering as a merchant or a vendor on Jumia platform.

Below are the steps to making extra cash using the Jumia platform:

1- log in to their website using this link


2- make a detailed list and descriptions of your products

3- fill all the necessary spaces in the form which includes your bank details, home address etc.

4- Get yourself familiar with and understand the terms and conditions laid out by Jumia

5- Add the overhead expenses including the commission jumia get listing your products on their platform.

People often wonder how do Jumia gets money to buy all the products on their website. The answer to that is straight and simple, Jumia do not own any products on their platform. They just act as intermediary between the buyer and the sellers. Majority of the products you see on Jumia is owned by ordinary people like you who have decided to make extra income and increase the visibility of their business.

A good example are Laptops, majority of laptops on the jumia platform are owned by sellers in Africa’s biggest computer market also known as “Computer Village.” I have heard a lot of people saying they cannot buy their products in Computer village, but indirectly when they purchase those goods in Julia, they indirectly bought from those sellers in computer village. That is how it works.

What Do I Stand to Benefit On the Platform?

There are a lot of benefits attached to registering as a seller on Jumia platform

– Jumia advertised your products free of charge

– Jumia informs you when someone orders your products by sending you a mail or a text

-Jumia pays you weekly when your products get delivered

– It is totally free to register on the platform

– With over 2millions users on the jumia platform monthly, there is no need for you to stress yourself looking for buyers

– You get the advantage of getting a damage fee from Jumia if your goods get damaged

– Opportunity to get loan after 6-months if you maintain good sales and good rating from users.

Lastly there are also caveats attached to selling on the Jumia platform. Read more of it below:

– Jumia only accept original and only new products

– Make sure your products listing comes in detail

-Ensure you ship your products within 48 hours to avoid cancellations of order

– Whenever you encounter a problem selling your products on their platform, take full advantage of their vendor helpline 012772361 or send an email to seller.support@jumia.com.ng

– Jumia is very strict and wants to maintain high integrity with users on their platform, ensure you do not break any rules attached to selling.

Making extra cash is easy providing you adhere to the rules set by Jumia. Once you abide by it, you are good to go.

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