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6 Nollywood Short Films You Should See

Short Films are the new cool, and over the last few years have become popular. These gems are produced mostly by young filmmakers, packed with strong messages and beautiful visual aesthetics, Here are 6 Nollywood short films you should see on YouTube.

1. Brave: Brave is an inspirational story of a young, happy, couple Layo and Nathan played by Adesua Etomi and Wole Ojo, who have been married for two years and unable to conceive. Things go south on their wedding anniversary and their love is put to the test.

Brave is a story of love, marriage and faith. Outstanding acting, beautiful dialogue, stellar directing and a portrayal of ‘the realities of love’ are some of what makes Brave a great film. It was written and directed by Dolapo ‘lowladee’ Adeleke.

2. Penance: Penance is an AccelerateTv filmmaker project 2017 film, written and directed by Micheal ‘amapsalmist’ Akinrogunde. Penance is an intense story of a priest who has something to confess when a young lady comes for confession.  Many things make this short film amazing, the major one is how there Can be so many plot twists in a short film, and how all the twists unfold.

The dark themed, intense thriller was also complimented by great lighting and sound that perfectly suited the mood of the film. Penance won best short film at the amvca 2018 and deserves the accolade and more.

3. Tolu: Tolu is a brave young girl eager to disprove her father of his notion that, his all female children are worth less to him than the male child he did not have. She decides to go fishing to prove that ‘what a man can do a girl can do better’.

Set in a riverrine area, Tolu is a brilliant 12 minute shortfilm on the topic of girl child discrimination, bravery and rising against the odds, and packs many lessons into such a short time. Tolu features actors such as Somkele-Idhalama Iyamah, Karibi Fubara, Wale Ojo, and Halimat Olanrewaju. It was directed by Nadine Ibrahim.

4. Oga John: Oga John deals with one of the biggest topics of 21st Century – mental health and mental health awareness. Oga John a provisions store owner notices a troubled customer and silently ensures that she is okay. The film features Ade Laoye and Joseph Imoikor. Produced by Bolanle Akintomide and directed by Tolu Ajayi, Oga John is a well written, well executed piece.

5. Tokunbo: If your car could speak, what would it say? Tokunbo is the story of a young man from the point where he bought a tokunbo (fairly used) car ,and guess what… The film was shot entirely inside the car – on a smart phone! This amazing story about the viccissitudes of life was created by Rogba Arimoro and features Tinsel actor Ibrahim Suleiman and Kiki Omeili.

6. Gone Nine Months: Gone Nine months is thé story of a family of university professors and the internal strife that plagues their family. Set in the 90s, the film explores the dilemma of career women who are constantly faced with the issue of having to choose between their careers and their family. Featuring Najite Dede, Olu Elba, Zoe Favour, and Inimfon Iniama, Gone Nine Months is a combination of great acting, great script and great production. It was produced by Lola Okusami.

So there’s the list! Which one(s) have you seen? and which film did you think should have made the list? In all, these short film aren’t all the most popular bit will definitely revive your faith in Nollywood movies.


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